July 2017 News

An upgraded battery pack is the major change for the 2018 model year Kia Soul EV, with a new 30kWh battery taking the place of the previous 27kWh unit. This has the effect of increasing the range of the vehicle by 24 miles in optimum conditions, with an official range of 156 miles. The number of battery cells are increased from 192 to 200 and the rated voltage rises from 360 to 375 Volts. The electric model’s power remains the same at 109bhp, with peak torque of 210lb ft. Other changes to the Soul include a revised front bumper, and the price of the vehicle has risen by £500 to £25,995 after the £4,500 government incentive has been deducted. The upgraded Soul EV is now in production, with the first examples expected to reach Kia showrooms shortly.